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Blossom House


Blossom House Healing Arts is a collective of teachers, artists, therapists, and general members dedicated to the cultivation of healthy communities through trauma-informed yoga, the arts, and other wellness modalities. Blossom House is a service-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) offering in-house and online instruction in yoga and meditation, facilitation of wellness circles, and therapeutic services including trauma-sensitive yoga, applied theatre, and other healing works. All classes, therapies, trainings, and workshops are offered at a suggested donation rate. A percentage of in-house proceeds fund Blossom House Outreach services. Blossom House is located by the Chena River in Fairbanks, Alaska on the ancestral hunting, fishing, and gathering grounds of Lower Tanana Dene Athabascans, some of the many First Peoples of Alaska.












Blossom House Outreach extends Blossom House services of trauma-informed yoga, applied theatre, and other wellness programs into the community at large and is sustained by the  proceeds of Blossom House Healing Arts studios, grants, and other generous donations. Our goal is to provide accessible community outreach services to residential treatment centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, correctional facilities, youth organizations, senior centers, women's shelters, agencies for people with disabilities, etc. while compensating Elders, facilitators, and teachers for their work.

Board of Directors

Allan Hayton • Sarah Doetschman

Aimee Burgess

Executive  Director

Jody Hassel

Assistant Directors

Kendra Calhoun

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