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Donations & Sliding Scale


Thank you kindly for your generosity. We could not do this work without you.

Donations can be made below in increments of $5.00 (you may choose the quantity).

How much you donate for training and practice can be an act of justice. For those of you who can afford to donate on the higher end of the scale, your donation helps to support those who cannot. This is one way to leverage our privilege and stand for equality for everyone. If you cannot donate the higher end suggested, consider what is authentically sustainable for you, and donate that.

If you cannot afford what is on the lowest end of the suggested donation scale, please email us at to arrange to donate what you can. No one will be turned away.

To find each of our training and practice suggested donation amounts, read the descriptions on the respective pages. Due to the platform structure of our booking online options, donating a different amount than the one listed for PayPal or credit card donations can be done below in increments of $5.00 (you may choose the quantity). In-house donations are payable in cash or check only. Please know, we are happy to be of service in the way that best suits and sustains our guests.

Donations made in exchange for services that amount to more than market value of our services are tax deductible for the amount donated above the suggested fee. Donations made solely to benefit Blossom House Outreach are entirely tax deductible.

PayPal charges a processing fee of 3% on each donation through this online platform. If you would like Blossom House to receive the full amount of your donation, please consider adding 3% to your total to offset processing fees.

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